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Park, Hae Sik (Partner)

Hae Sik Park is a partner at Yulchon, where he focuses on antitrust, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration matters. Before joining Yulchon, he served as a judge for 17 years, including stints as chief judge at the Bucheon branch of the Incheon district court and research judge at the Supreme Court of Korea.

Mr. Park has published numerous works, including “Legal Knowledge: House Leasing Protection Law” for Chungham Publishing in 2000, and “Retail Lease Litigation” and “Residence Lease Litigation” for the Legal Information Center in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

Antitrust, Corporate & Finance, Intellectual Property, Dispute Resolution, Anti-trust Disputes, Sports & Entertainment

U.C. Berkeley Law School, Visiting Scholar (2006)
Korea University, M.A. (2000)
Korea University, LL.B. (1987)

Yulchon LLC (2007-present)
Member, Subcontract Policy Committee, Korea Fair Trade Commission (2011-present)
Member, Korea Exchange Market Oversight Commission (2011-present)
Member, Executive Council, President’s Office (2010-present)
Member, Central Administration Council (2010-present)
Mediator, Korean Commercial Arbitration Board (2010-present)
Auditor, Korea Health and Welfare Information Service (2010-present)
Member, Administration Committee, National Human Rights Commission (2010-present)
Member, Yonhap News Consumer Rights Committee (2010-present)
Member, Occupational Hazard Insurance Committee (2010-present)
Legal Advisor, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (2009-present)
Member, Broadcasting Advertisement Review Committee, Korean Cable TV Broadcasting Association (2009-present)
Member, Donation Review Committee, Korean Racing Authority Corporation (2009-present)
Legal Advisor, Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (2009-present)
Presiding Judge, Bucheon Branch, Incheon District Court (2006)
Member, Executive Council, Supreme Court of Korea (2006)
Member, Korea Advertising Review Board (2006)
Member, Cartel Advisory Committee, Fair Trade Commission (2006)
Member, Review Board for Advertisement Rules, Korean Broadcasting Commission (2006)
Presiding Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea (2004)
Research Judge, Supreme Court of Korea (2002)
Member, Korea Advertising Review Board (2002)
Judge, Seoul Administration Court (2000)
Chairman, Government Public Ethics Committee, Guro district, Seoul (2000)
Judge, Seoul District Court (1998)
Judge, Southern Seoul District Court (1996)
Chairman, National Election Commission, Munkyung City, Kyungbook Province (1994)
Judge, Sangju Branch, Daegu District Court (1993)
Judge, Civil Division, Seoul District Court (1991)
Judge, Criminal Division, Seoul District Court (1989)

  • KFTC Task Force Releases Final Report on Antitrust Enforcement Reform Measures
  • The State Council Approves Amendment to the Presidential Enforcement Decree of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act
    Korean, English, Japanese (limited)
    Republic of Korea (1989)